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1979 to 1987

In 1979 the ‘Old series Journals" began, initially with volume and part numbers and dates; later the series title was dropped.  Two issues were undated.
April 1987 - Volume 8 No.2

Delfan, Findan, Metan
Wrecks From The Press - Shipping Disasters Near Hastings, Rye & Bexhill 1749 - 1836
The Evolution of Whales and Dolphins
Buried Boats
Young Archaeologists Page
Archaeology and the Police

January 1987 - Volume 8 No.1

A Report on the Finds From the Clearance of the Well at St.Quentin La Tour, France 1984

October 1986 - Volume 7 No.3

Delfan, Findan, Metan
Obituary - Richard Hurst
Bronze Artefacts from the Hastings Area
The Bog is Alive - local bog sites
The St.Matthews Area of Silverhill, St.Leonards
Hastings Tenants of the Manor of Brede
Note on Pett Level, February 1965
Domesday at Playden
Index to Volume 7

April 1986 - Volume 7 No.2

Granite Head found at Bexhill
Small Finds From Fieldwork:
Saxon Silver Gilt Pin, Ashburnham
Bronze Stud Representing the Head of a Lion, Pett Level
Small Bronze Article, Pett Level
Two Defaced Roman Coins, Pett Level
A Clay Pipe, Pett Level
A Fine Flint Point, Kitchenham
Some Finds From Bexhill
Anglo Saxon Glass for the Archaeologist and the Historian
Handmade Pottery from Pett and Icklesham
The All Saints Roundel, Again
One Thing Leads To Another - Horseshoes

January 1986 - Volume 7 No.1

Delfan, Findan, Metan
The HAARG Farm History Project - Wilting Farm
Provisional Bone Report - St.Quentin, France
Looking for the Romans! - overlooked Roman sites in the area
Pett - Vernon Cottage
An Iron Age Site at Cliff End, Pett Level
List of Finds from Tongs, Cliff End, Pett
The Arrest of William Phillips, 1802
Bronze Articles Found by HAARG Members

September 1985 - Volume 6 No.3

Delfan, Findan, Metan
Ancient Stone Anchor Found Off Hastings
Investigations at a Spring Site between Icklesham and Winchelsea
Further Research at Old Place Farm, Icklesham
The Bell Roundel Carvings, All Saints
Building To Last - a Roman bridge at Stava, Italy
A Mixed Bag - Quex House, Birchington
St.Quentin La Tour, France
Beauport Park
Notorious Rebel Captured in Locality - Jack Cade, 1450
Recent Finds in the Isle of Arran, Scotland
The Early Fur Trade
Index to Volume 6

April 1985 - Volume 6 No.2

The Hastings Wall - Excavation Report
Mortar Samples Report
List of Finds
The Bell Roundel in All Saints Church, Hastings
Chapel Farm, Bohemia, and the Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen
Hastings Pirates in the 18th Century

January 1985 - Volume 6 No.1

Lilith - mythological goddess of the Earth
The Cathars
The Sea Gives Up Its Dead - potsherds trawled up by local fishing boats
John Philips and the Coast Blockade
After Nod - central Asian origins of British Prehistory
Autumn Talks
The Atte Clyff Estate, Hastings 1545/6

September 1984 - Volume 5 No.3

Delfan, Findan, Metan
An Archaeological Experiment - a drop-weight loom
Old Winchelsea - a Puzzle
Investigation at Old Place Farm, Icklesham August 1983
The Coast Blockade Station at Ecclesbourne
The Russian Corer (Self-Sealing) - an auger for soil sampling
Lochranza, Isle of Arran
Book Review
Index to Volume 5

April 1984 - Volume 5 No.2

Delfan, Findan, Metan
"The Company!" - smugglers and smuggling
Smugglers - Pett Version
HAARG Excavates Bastion of Old Town Wall Gatehouse
Salvaging the Amsterdam
Shipwreck Heritage Centre for Hastings
Cart Before the Horse - Roman transportation of goods
Exhibition 1983 - The Past Under Our Feet
A Specialised Dated Building at 8-10 High Street, Rye
AGM Report
First Century Coin Distribution
The Pett Murderess - Mary Ann Geering
Notes on New Books
Hastings Own Nursery Rhyme - and others

January 1984 - Volume 5 No.1

Delfan, Findan, Metan
The Bexhill Stone - Hiberno-Celtic carved slab found in Bexhill Church, 1878
Roman Hastings - The Case For
Caring for Metal Artefacts, Iron & Steel
Pannel Sewer Peat Bog Survey
Holy Bones - and ornamental child-sized tombstones
The Middle Stone Ages
Investigations of a Pit at 'Lychgates', Church Street, Bexhill-on-Sea

November 1983 - Volume 4 No.4

The Wider Context of The Icklesham Excavations
Delfan, Findan, Metan
Did the Brede Ogre Get the Missing HAARG Members?
Snailham Moat
Who Was the Warrior? - Warrior Square, St.Leonards-on-Sea
Of Dogs and Men and Holy Cows - the domestication of dogs and cattle
So Now We Know - why a stile at Crowhurst was covered in barbed wire
Dinefwr Castle, Wales
Index to Volume 4

August 1983 - Volume 4 No.3

The Roman Road at Icklesham - Report of Excavations 1978, 1981 & 1982
(please refer to the reassessment report published in No. 35 - 2015)

April 1983 - Volume 4 No.2

Rescue! - editorial
Our 11th Annual General Meeting
Geography of the Rape of Hastings
Become a Place-Name Detective
Appeal - for un-recorded finds and information
Prelude to the Roman Invasion of the Sussex Weald
Greek & Mediterranean Coins found in the Rape of Hastings
Westward Ho! - a visit to archaeological sites in the West Country
Coin and Token Finds from Great Warren Field, Fairlight October/November 1982
Catalogue of Other Finds From Great Warren Field, Fairlight October/November 1982

January 1983 - Volume 4 No.1

Delfan, Findan, Metan
Coins found in the Hastings area
HAARG Gets an Award - Ivan D. Margery Research Fund
Fecamp - recent excavations in this French Town
The Pipeline - Continued (Darwell Reservoir to Beauport Park Water Main)
Roman Pottery from Crowhurst Park
Further Notes on the Silver Spoon Found at Old Place, Icklesham
Not the Mary Rose! - a wreck investigation at Camber
HAARG Survey of Great High Woods, Bexhill
A Full Weekend - including an aerial survey
By The Sweat of Your Brow - production methods of staple wheat

July 1982 - Volume 3 No.3

Delfan, Findan, Metan
An Elizabethan Pottery Workshop and its Customers - Great Ridge, Hastings
Cortesley and Gensing, Hastings
Rosemullion and Rectory Cottages, Pett
Clay Pipe Finds in Hastings 1981
Onegar and Chips - a visit to the Ermine Street Guard
Greenwich National Maritime Museum - a visit

April 1982 - Volume 3 No.2

Delfan, Findan, Metan
Further Notes on the Coombe Haven Valley
Jug Found in a Garden Near Battle
Terra Sigillata (Samian Ware) - Part 1 - The Background to Mass Production
The Darwell Reservoir to Beauport Park Water Pumping Main Pipeline
Coin Finds in the Hastings Area 1980-82
Northeye - Site Drawings to be found at Barbican House, Lewes
The History of Clay Tobacco Pipes
WEA Course - Archaeological Background to Roman Britain

January 1982 - Volume 3 No.1

Delfan, Findan, Metan
Obituary - Jack Warne
The Coombe Haven Valley
Saturnalia at Priory Road
Deserted Settlement Site of Northeye
HAARG Road Detectives on the Trail
Lamentations - authorised to be read in wet clothes

October 1981 - Volume 2 No.4

Delfan, Findan, Metan
Our Place Name Research Group - A First Report
Worms Eye on Winchelsea - Blackfriars Barn
Report on Coins From Winchelsea Museum
Possible Roman Road To Icklesham
Roman Coin Finds in Hastings
The Rickman Collection - description of part of an archaeological collection
Crop Marks at Playden
Lucy - a fossilised skeleton from Africa
Guestling & Pett Walk
Strawberries at Doleham
HAARG journal & Newsletter - contents to volume 2

July 1981 - Volume 2 No.3

Delfan, Findan, Metan
King Offa's Favourite Saint
Some Notes on the History of Ore Place and its Church
Reconnaissance in Depth - Winding Street, Hastings
Book Review
In Defence of Speculation
Brewery Cottages - The Bourne, Hastings
Wisteria Cottage, Playden - A Craftsman's Cottage?
Sheep Shall Safely Graze - sheep through the ages
Castle Building in East Sussex
Baths, Moats and Water Splashes - a visit to Lullington Villa and Ightham Mote
Quiz Competition

April 1981 - Volume 2 No.2

Delfan, Findan, Metan
A Medieval Storage Jar from Blackfriars Barn
News From Your Committee
Fund Raising News
1981 HAARG Membership
Archaeology of the Rape of Hastings
Excavation on Hastings Town Wall 30th Aug - 7th Sep 1980
The Little Gentleman in Black Velvet - archaeological finds from mole hills
The Romans in the Weald
A Puzzle in St.Leonards Rectory, Quarry Hill Road, St.Leonards
A Coin From Bexhill
Metal Detecting - a few facts
Book Reviews 1
The Ague - NW European endemic malaria
Book Reviews 2
A Note on Roman Brick and Tile
Book Reviews 3
Quiz No.4 - Norman England 1066 - 1124

January 1981 - Volume 2 No.1

Delfan, Findan, Metan
A List of HAARG Committee
The Annual General Meeting
Members Achievements
The Excavations at Battle Abbey
Monsieur Porter's Party or In the Steps of William I - a visit to Normandy
Westfield Forge
Ruins of Wealden House, New England, Playden
HAARG - The Future
A Peasant's View of Ley Lines
Clay Pipes Found at Rye
The Leys of Ancient Britain
A Yerd She Hadde - an enclosed stock or farm yard
Ley Lines - The Case Against
Quiz No.3 - Anglo-Saxon England
Bonfire Fired Pottery - an archaeological experiment

October 1980 - Volume 1 No.5

Delfan, Findan, Metan
News of Our New HQ
Over The Hills and Far Away - a visit to the South Downs near Brighton
The Finding of an Elizabethan Pottery Kiln, Great Ridge Farm, Ore
A Small Mystery at Old Place, Icklesham
The Real Enemies of Archaeology
Book Review
Evidence of Roman Cattle
Investigation of a Pit at Cranston Rise, Bexhill
The First Man of Kent - Swanscombe Man
HAARG Journal & Newsletter - Index to Volume 1

July 1980 - Volume 1 No.4

The Cover Design - finds by metal detectorists
Hastings Museum - Re-arranged Galleries
General Quiz No.2 - Roman Britain
East Hill Evening Walk
Book Reviews
The Shadwell Dock Forgeries
In Search of a Bailiff
Piltdown Man
Sussex Medieval Pottery Imports
Coins & Tokens Found or Recorded in the Last Year
The Museum of London
Ship Wrecks - a wooden foreign battle casualty not listed at Greenwich

April 1980 - Volume 1 No.3

Delfan, Findan, Metan
Members for 1980
Members - Specific Interests
Northeye Cauldron
The Norman Conquest - Lectures
Report on Artefacts from Longlodge Farm, Ivychurch, Kent
Coin Finds from Pett
Especially Useful Books
Hastings Castle - Squares Dug November 1979
Philip Baker on Responsibility
Threshold - Human Evolution
An Excavation at 1-3 Tower Street, Rye
Assistance Please

December 1979 - Volume 1 No.2

A Medieval Dagger from Panel Wood, Pett
Delfan, Findan, Metan
General Quiz No.1 - Pre Roman Britain
Reference Collections - HAARG Sherd and Flint Collections
Some Recent Additions to Hastings Area Library
Information Required - an overstamped George IV copper penny
Documentary Research on Cliff House, Hastings
Battle Abbey Schoolgirls Join In Uncovering History
Rescue Excavations at Wisteria Cottage and Shellfield, Playden
Late Neolithic-Iron Age Site Near Stonestile Lane
The Hundred of Guestling 1086
Preliminary Report on Pett Barn, Pett
Thoughts on Excavating the Hastings Beds
A Medieval Key From Icklesham

September 1979 - Volume 1 No.1

Leisure Exhibition May 19th-20th
Delfan, Findan, Metan
SAS Collections
Recommended Reading
Reference Library
Specific Interest - members specialisation's
Scrap Books
Information Required - Medieval Hollington; possible Roman mint, Hastings
The Iron Industry in Sussex
Hunting Wild Elephants at Eastbourne - a fossil elephants tooth
16th C Tile from the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, found by outbuildings at Wrens Cottage, Playden
Report and Summary of the Site Known as The Bourne
The Pre-Historic Ridgeway
Baldslow Development Site