1995 to 2010

In 1995 the regular Journal was revived under the ‘New series’ numbering system. The following are the dates of issue and titles of the main articles in the "New Series" Journals; most issues also contain shorter "Field Notes" and reports of site visits. This list of publications is best viewed via a desktop computer.

No.1 - August 1995

Hastings in 1153. David Padgham

Roman Coin Hoard found at Ore in 1989. William Dance

Little Ridge Farm - the Conquest Hospital Site. David Padgham

Excavations at Phoenix Brewery, Hastings. David Padgham

The Ancient East Hill Cemetery. Rod Lavers

Ecclesbourne. John Clements

No.2 - October 1996

Hastings in Domesday Book - a stray reference under Lincolnshire. David Padgham

Northeye. Julian Porter

55 High Street , Hastings - Excavation Report. Anne Scott

An Ancient Road across the Weald. David Padgham

No.3 - May 1997

Hastings, Haestingaceaster & Hestingaport. David Padgham

Hastings & Pevensey. Rex Marchant

How Important were the Hastingas? David Padgham

Charles Dawson. John Manwaring Baines, FSA

Excavations at 42 High Street, Hastings. Anne Scott and John Clements

Wartime Graffiti. Eric Wetherill

19/20 High Street , Hastings. David Padgham

Priory Meadow Shopping Centre. Leslie Feakes

Iron Age Site at Cliff End, Fairlight. Leslie Feakes and Zoe Vahey

No.4 - December 1997

HAARG 25th Anniversary (a brief history). The Editor

Saxon Stirrup Mounts. Cathy Walling

The Enclosure on East Hill, Hastings. Simon Rowson

Well at 6 Upper Lake, Battle. Mike Greenhalgh

Priory Meadow, Hastings - metal detecting finds. Mike Greenhalgh and Jim Simpkins

Reviewing Piltdown: the Hastings Connection. John Clements

Glesham (Glossams) Manor in Beckley - a documentary search. David Padgham

Review of Old St. Helen's Church, Ore. John Clements

No.5 - May 1998

Anglo-Saxon Mints - the local connection. David Padgham

The Appledore Hoard of Anglo-Saxon Coins. The Editor

Ore Watermill. William Dance

The Mesolithic Period in Britain. John Clements

The Ladies' Parlour, Hastings in a Mesolithic context. John Clements

Hastings Castle construction of access steps, 1992. Cathy Walling

Bohemia Pottery - medieval kilns. Rod Lavers

No.6 - December 1998

The Caves on Minnis Rock, Hastings. John Clements and David Padgham

Hastings Town Wall. David Padgham

Metal Detecting notes. The Editor

No.7 - May 1999

A Vaulted Undercroft at Hiham Green, Winchelsea. David Padgham and members

The Pilot Field. William Dance

Listing of Hastings Town Hall (Grade II). The Editor

Metal Detecting notes inc. Appledore hoard and Mountfield Treasure The Editor

Where was Westfield Roman Villa? David Padgham

No.8 - December 1999

Saxo-Norman Hastings. Dr. Mark Gardiner, FSA

Wealden History & Archaeology (summary of papers by Dr. Mark Gardiner).The Editor

The Battle Abbey Records. The Editor

"Malcolm Mitchell's Cellar" (42 High St., Hastings). Zoe Vahey and John Clements

A Field called Rivers [in Ore]. William Dance

Hastings Priory Watermill. William Dance

Crowham Forge, Westfield. David Padgham

No.9 - May 2000

Moated Site at Glesham (Glossams), Beckley - interim report. Dr. Andrew Woodcock

Excavations at 1-2 Oak Passage, Hastings. Anne Scott and Paul Reed

Winter's Dairy Site, Rye. Alan Dickinson and Mike Greenhalgh

Well House at Ore Place. Tony Moore

No.10 - December 2000

Moated Site at Lower Snailham, Guestling. David Padgham

Iron Ore from East Cliff. Tony Moore

Geology of the Hastings Valleys. David Padgham

Roman Iron Working in the Hastings Area. David Padgham

Church of St. Andrew-sub-Castro , Hastings. David Padgham

Fairlight Down. William Dance

No.11 - Summer 2001

Inhumations at 43 Castle Hill Road, Hastings. Mike Greenhalgh

Hastings Castle Cliff. David Padgham

Church of St. Andrew-sub-Castro (new information). David Padgham

Investigation of 5 High St., Hastings. Dr. Peter Marsden

Charles Dawson the Hoaxer: 1864-1916. David Padgham

No.12 - Winter 2001

Excavations at Glesham (Glossams), Beckley - 2nd. interim report. Dr. Andrew Woodcock and members

Did the Oxenbridge family build the house at Glesham? David Padgham

The Lost Settlement of Bulverhythe. David Padgham

No.13 - Summer 2002

Stone House, Beauport Park - Archaeological Investigations. David Padgham

"Magazine", Winchelsea. Chris Butler MIFA and David Padgham

Beaney's Lane. David Padgham

Watching Brief at Bexleigh Avenue. Simon Stevens, BA, MIFA

No.14 - Winter 2002

Watching Brief at St. Oswald's Church, Hooe. David Padgham

Well at 7 The Croft, Hastings. Mike Greenhalgh

Ice House at Summerfields, Hastings. David Padgham and Mike Greenhalgh

Excavations at Glesham (Glossams), Beckley, 2002. Dr. Andrew Woodcock

Fairlight Place. David Padgham and Mike Greenhalgh

Spray's Bridge Watermill, Westfield. David Padgham

No.15 - Summer 2003

Stone House, Beauport Park - further investigations. David Padgham and Christopher Whittick

Watching Briefs: Mike Greenhalgh

42 Lower Lake, Battle, Filsham Farm House (adjacent),

Pound Cottage, School Hill, Winchelsea and South Lodge,

Oaklands Park, Sedlescombe (formerly Westfield).

Glossams Place , Beckley - the "Mystery Ceramic Fragment". David Padgham

The Lost Settlement of Bulverhythe - Additional Historical Details. David Padgham, incorporating notes by Mark Gardiner, Christopher Whittick and Richard Coates

No.16 - Winter 2003

Leslie Cottage, 33 Bourne Walk, Hastings. David Padgham and John Shirlaw

Early history ow Wilting Manor. David Padgham and John Rea

Two historic farms in Ore: Cold harbour & Stalkhurst. William Dance

Medieval slate roofing in Sussex. David Padgham

A classification of bricks for S-E England. David Padgham

Romans in Westfield - further evidence from place-names. David Padgham

Field Notes: Watching Briefs. Mike Greenhalgh

A Roman site at Arlington, and Field-Walking at Jevington. Lynn Russell

No 17 - Summer 2004

A special issue devoted entirely to the Archaeology & History of Hastings Country Park.

This is a new enlarged edition of a booklet published in 1992. Please note this has been superseded by the 2019 Journal.

No 18 - Winter 2004

Excavations at "Dickens Cottage" David Padgham, Anne Scott and Mike Greenhalgh

Stilefields & Torelands, a tenement in Ore. William Dance

Neolithic Flint Tool from Crowhurst. Lynn Russell and Greg Chuter

Excavations at Glossams Place, Beckley, 2004. Dr. Andrew Woodcock and members

Nos 19/20 - 2005

The ancient parish of St. Leonard, and Norman Road Methodist Church. David Padgham

A Survey of Fairlight Place, 1728. William Dance

Watching Brief at Plat Cottage, Winchelsea. Mike Austin

Stonehouse in Beauport Park - further foundations. Lynn Russell

Hogtrough Lane , Winchelsea: brief site reports. The Editor

Shellers Green Farm, Fairlight & Guestling. William Dance

Rocklands Earthwork on East Hill, Hastings. David Padgham

No 21 - Summer 2006

Archaeological excavation at 49 Terminus Ave, Bexhill. Kevin Cornwell

The supposed Roman road at Stonestile Lane, Westfield. Kevin Cornwell

Watching Brief at Winding St., Hastings. Paul Riccoboni (ASE)

Saltcote hamlet in Playden parish. Eric C Wetherill

Hastings Country Park : excavations above Warren Glen. Alice Thorne (ASE)

Land and field names in All Saints parish, Hastings. William Dance

No 22 - Winter 2006

Further excavations at Dickens Cottage. David Padgham, Lynn Russell and Kevin Cornwell

Barbed & tanged flint arrowheads from Hastings area. Kevin Cornwell

St. John the Baptist Church, Sedlescombe. Kevin Cornwell

Excavations at 17/18 High St., Hastings. Lynn Russell and Kevin Cornwell

Field Names on West Hill, Hastings and Halton. William Dance

Warren Glen, Fairlight - walkover survey. Kevin Cornwell and Lynn Russell

Prehistoric activity in Crowhurst. Kevin Cornwell

Geophysical Survey at Church Field, Pevensey. Lynn Russell

Excavation of a double ditch & bank on East Hill. David Padgham

Watching Briefs.

No 23 - Summer 2007

A Roman site in Wittersham at Bates Farm. Sarah Burgess and Jane Davidson

Castle Croft, Ninfield. Kevin & Lynn Cornwell, and David Padgham

"Farleys" (Yew Tree Cottage), Udimore. Susan McGrath

Barbed & tanged arrowheads - further report. Kevin Cornwell

Cooden Cliff. Kevin Cornwell

Land names in and around St. Mary in the Castle parish. William Dance

Romano-British bloomery site, Fore Wood, Crowhurst. Kevin and Lynn Cornwell

Masonry dumped in Hollington Stream at South Saxons. David Padgham

Hastings Country Park : a walkover survey by Richard James, reviewed. David Padgham

No 24 - Winter 2007

A Roman site on Kitchenham Farm, Ashburnham - first interim report. Kevin and Lynn Cornwell

Groundwork trenches at Rye Pottery Site. Albert J Daniels

"Tumuli" on East Hill, Hastings. David Padgham

Comphurst in Wartling - place-name indicative of Roman site. David Padgham

Domesday churches and priests in Hastings Rape. David Padgham

No. 25 – Summer 2008

Roman site on Kitchenham Farm – Ceramic Building Materials. Kevin and Lynn Cornwell

Was Rye on an island? David Padgham

Roman Place-Names in Sussex. David Padgham

New Cut, Westfield, and the 1804 enclosure of the Crowham portion David Padgham

of Westfield Down.

No. 26 – Winter 2008

Baldslow –its history & archaeology. David Padgham

Excavation of a “house” platform at Wartling. Philippa Whitehill

Roman site at Kitchenham Farm, Ashburnham – report on “Vivianite”. Susan Clegg

Further excavations at Winding Street, Hastings. Paul Riccoboni (ASE)

Kitchenham Farm, Ashburnham – bronze age spearhead. Kevin and Lynn Cornwell

No. 27 – Summer 2009

Pebsham Countryside Park – (1) Landscape, Archaeology & History. David Padgham

Metal Detection & Whistles. Eric Wetherill

Roman Coins from the HAARG area. Kevin and Lynn Cornwell

Isle of Oxney in Kent. David Padgham

Charles Dawson – further revelations. David Padgham

Classis Britannica tile - production sites. David Padgham

No.28 – Winter 2009

Pebsham Countryside Park – (2) Geology & Palaeo-environment. David Padgham

Mount Pleasant Farm (“Frankes & Ponds”). William Dance

Old Court Mote (Mota Piece), Wartling. Philippa Whitehill

Landscape studies reviewed, Hastings College, Archery Road, The Editor

St. Leonards, Northeye and East Hill Hastings.

No. 29 – Summer 2010

Roman road at Bodiam – revised alignment. Kevin & Lynn Cornwell, with David Padgham

“Voewood”, Canadia, Battle [Iron slag]. Kevin Cornwell

Hollington Church-in-the-Wood excavations 2009-10. Chris Greatorex and Philippa Whitehill

Tile Stamps of Classis Britannica from Kitchenham – additional types. Kevin Cornwell

What is this? Mike Austin

ASDA site, Silverhill, St. Leonards-on-Sea. David Padgham and Delia Cattell

No. 30 – Winter 2010

Tunnel on West Hill, Hastings. Archaeology South-East

The origins of Ore, and St. Helens Church. David Padgham

Scutes Farm, Ore. William Dance

St. Mary the Virgin Church, Battle. Chris Greatorex and Philippa Whitehill