2011 onwards

In 1995 the regular Journal was revived under the ‘New series’ numbering system. The following are the dates of issue and titles of the main articles in the "New Series" Journals; most issues also contain shorter "Field Notes" and reports of site visits. This list of publications is best viewed via a desktop computer.

No. 31 – 2011

Old Hastings House and Torfield House. Philippa Whitehill

Hastings Urban Survey – review. David Padgham

National Trust properties, Fairlight – review. David Padgham

The “School Lands” in Ore. William Dance

Hastings Priory and the three lost parish churches.

No. 32 - 2012

Pinwell House, Westfield - a lost tenement. David Padgham and Kevin Cornwell

Roman Bloomery at Stone-in-Oxney. Sarah Burgess and Alan Charman

Geophysical survey at Rookery Field, Winchelsea Kevin and Lynn Cornwell

Blacklands Farm, Hastings William Dance

Pebsham Countryside Park - an update. David Padgham

Old St. Helens Church, Ore and a new report by David Padgham

D & B Martin on the architecture.

No. 33 - 2013

Footland Farm, Sedlescombe: A geophysical survey Kevin and Lynn Cornwell with contributions

of the iron-production complex and its transport links. by David Padgham

Escape Compass (WWII). Robert Seaney

Flint Scraper from Barley Lane, Hastings. Lynn Cornwell

No. 34 - 2014

Tile Stamps of the Classis Britannica from Kitchenham Kevin and Lynn Cornwell

Farm, Ashburnham - Additional types and archive


Iron Statuettes from Beauport Park. Lynn Cornwell

Kitchenham Farm Roman Scalpel Handle. Lynn Cornwell

Where has all the Roman Ceramic Building Material gone? Lynn and Kevin Cornwell

Bexhill to Hastings Link Road HAARG working with Lynn Cornwell

Oxford Archaeology

No. 35 - 2015

Barn Meadow, Solomons Cottage, Ewhurst, East Sussex Kevin and Lynn Cornwell

Geophysical Survey and Excavation.

Evidence of the Town Wall surviving below 58 High Street, Philippa Whitehill

Hastings Old Town.

Geophysical Surveys at Old Place, Icklesham. Kevin and Lynn Cornwell

Icklesham 'Roman Road' - A Reassessment. Kevin and Lynn Cornwell

Cripp's Corner Nodal Point. Stewart Angell and Peter Hibbs

The Walled Kitchen Garden, Brightling Park. Lynn Cornwell and Paul Praeger

No. 36 - 2016

Fagg Farm, Udimore, East Sussex NGR TQ 9062 2008 Kevin and Lynn Cornwell

Fieldwalking, Geophysical Survey and Excavation.

Gensing Cottage (formally Holes Cross Cottage), Kevin Cornwell

Hooe, East Sussex – Centred on NGR TQ 6798 0947

Geophysical Survey and Archaeological Watching Brief.

Castle Field, Forsham Farm, Rolvenden Layne, Kevin and Lynn Cornwell

Wassall Lane, Kent. Geophysical Survey.

Kitchenham Farm, Ashburnham NGR TQ 677125. Lynn Cornwell

Roman Toilet Artefacts.

No. 37 - 2017

Lamb House, West Street, Rye, East Sussex TN31 7ES Kevin and Lynn Cornwell

NGR TQ 9204 2028 Geophysical Survey.

In pursuit of the Classis Britannica: Evidence to support Lynn and Kevin Cornwell

military control of the eastern Weald.

Netherfield Place Farm, Netherfield, East Sussex Lynn and Kevin Cornwell

TN33 9PY - NGR TQ 718 178 .

No. 38 - 2018

Tile Stamps of the Classis Britannica from Castle Croft, Kevin and Lynn Cornwell

Ninfield, East Sussex NGR TQ 682116.

Pattleton’s Farm, Westfield, East Sussex Kevin Cornwell

NGR TQ 8224 1632 - Geophysical Survey.

Worked Flint from the Hastings Area. Lynn Cornwell

Archaeological Assessment in the East Hill Caves, Lynn and Kevin Cornwell

Rock-a-Nore, Hastings Old Town NGR TQ 82805 09552

A Roman Latrina at Castle Croft, Ninfield, Lynn and Bob Washington

East Sussex NGR TQ 682116.

No. 39 - 2019

Hastings Country Park Hidden Landscape Project: - Kevin and Lynn Cornwell

A geophysical survey of the open areas of the park,

to identify the underlying archaeology and link the

features to documentary evidence.

No. 40 – 2020

Old St. Helens Church, Ore, East Sussex Revisited - Paul Reed

NGR TQ 82047 12095.

Archaeological Watching Brief on the Eastern Curtain Lynn and Kevin Cornwell

Wall, Hastings Castle, Hastings, East Sussex -

NGR TQ 8209 0943.

Archaeological Watching Brief on the removal of Lynn Cornwell

vegetation and loose stonework from the west facing

cliff of Hastings Castle, Castle Hill Road, Hastings,

East Sussex NGR TQ 81958 09456.